The new SPEEDtrainer – the most advanced whole body training device for your own home

Training when you want and where you want – with SPEEDtrainer, you have the freedom to complete your training programme independently of time and place. While conventional strength training requires the use of weights, machines or a gym, the SPEEDtrainer is the first device allowing to carry out a strength training anywhere and anytime. You can train at home or on holiday. You are not bound by a club’s opening hours – and you also save the trip there!

Training with the SPEEDtrainer is a time-saving and effective whole body workout. Two training sessions per week is all it takes to lose weight or build muscle. This is made possible by means of electric muscle stimulation (EMS), targeting 500 muscles simultaneously.

Just 15 minutes training with the SPEEDtrainer is therefore equivalent to approximately 20 hours of strength training in a conventional gym. No matter whether you want to lose weight, tighten your skin, build muscle or shape up – the SPEEDtrainer is the solution.

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High-tech electrodes
Building muscle safely

The electrodes transfer the electrical pulses generated by the SPEEDtrainer to the body. They are therefore the linchpin and of similar importance to tyres in a car. A car requires the correct tyres to optimally transfer the power of the motor to the street and convert it to acceleration and speed.

During EMS training, the power generated by the SPEEDtrainer device needs to be transferred to the body in an optimal fashion to achieve a muscle contraction that is as intense and covering as large an area as possible.

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