How long do the results of SPEEDtraining last?

This is of course highly individual. However, as you will achieve a lot more in a shorter amount of time than with conventional fitness training, the results will also last longer.

Why do you only need to train twice a week with the SPEEDtrainer?

This is because SPEEDtraining is so intense that rest times need to be observed.

What does SPEEDtraining feel like?

During SPEEDtraining, all skeletal muscles are targeted simultaneously which achieves a very intense feel of training.

Is SPEEDtraining even recommended for people with serious weight problems?

Yes, of course. SPEEDtraining is a great option in case of weight problems as it is so easy on the joints. Besides, the basal metabolic rate is raised quickly which helps to shed superfluous pounds. We recommend our SPEED-SLIM package on top which makes SPEEDtraining even more effective.

Will the current used during SPEEDtraining affect my heart?

Your heart is embedded in the pericardium where it is completely protected from the pulses used. Many studies have been undertaken and have shown no detrimental effects.

How long does it take for me to visibly build muscle with SPEEDtraining?

Depending on your predisposition, training frequency and training intensity you may already notice visible changes after 8 to 10 SPEEDtrainings.

Can I build as much muscle with SPEEDtraining as with conventional training?

Yes, of course. The specific benefit of SPEEDtraining, however, is that results are achieved much more quickly, all muscles are trained simultaneously, and there is no burden on the joints, which means that muscular imbalances are avoided.

How often do I have to do SPEEDtraining to build muscle?

Two sessions per week of 15 minutes each are recommended, which gives your body time to regenerate. If you are in a hurry, you need to ensure sufficient protein supply. To this end, we create appropriate nutrition plans as part of our nutrition coaching.

Is SPEEDtraining effective even if I continue to eat as usual?

Yes. SPEEDtraining develops all your muscles, which raises your basal metabolic rate considerably. Even if you eat as usual, you will still lose weight. By participating in our nutrition courses or using the nutrition software on our Pocket PCs you can speed up weight loss.

Do the electric currents used in SPEEDtraining have side effects?

No. According to official studies and manufacturer information, there are no side effects.

Can I also do SPEEDtraining during pregnancy?

No. Although there are no findings that suggest that training with the SPEEDtrainer could harm an unborn child, on principle no experiments with pregnant women are carried out. If you are pregnant, you are welcome to join our nutrition course and book a nutrition coaching. Nutrition is an important factor in the development of the unborn child.

Who should not do SPEEDtraining?

SPEEDtraining is not suitable for pregnant women, persons with cardiac pacemakers, epilepsy, cancer, thrombosis, multiple sclerosis and acute infections.

Is SPEEDtraining the same as EMS training?

The acronym EMS means “electric muscle stimulation” and thus describes the kind of muscle stimulation. SPEEDtraining is therefore also EMS training. We are of the opinion that this type of training compared to conventional fitness training is better characterised by the term SPEEDtraining, which is also easier to pronounce.