Losing weight with SPEEDtraining

Most SPEEDtraining customers primarily wish to lose weight. Our aim is for every SPEEDtraining customer to achieve their personal training goal, which is why we have addressed the matters of losing weight and nutritional advice in detail.

The energy balance

The human body has an intricate energy management system. Energy is taken in through food and drink and also used up. The relationship between energy in and energy out is called energy balance. If energy in equals energy out, the body’s energy balance is equalised. If more energy is taken in than used, there is a positive energy balance, in which case your body will store excess energy in the form of fat and you will gain weight.

If more energy is used up than taken in, this is called a negative energy balance, in which case your body will tap into its energy stores and you will lose weight. This sounds simple – and it is. If you want to lose weight, you should aim for a negative energy balance, which you can achieve in two different ways – either you expend more energy and / or you consume less energy.

Increasing energy expenditure

If you want to achieve your goal by increasing your energy expenditure and thus raising your metabolic rate, it is important to know what your metabolic rate consists of. There is a differentiation between basal metabolic rate and active metabolic rate.

Your basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy expended within 24 hours while at complete rest, meaning the amount of energy necessary to maintain basic bodily functions. The basal metabolic rate is essentially determined by active body mass, i.e. muscle mass. This explains the positive effect of SPEEDtraining. Being a muscle building programme, SPEEDtraining raises your basal metabolic rate – not only while you move, but 24 hours a day!

Your active metabolic rate is the amount of energy which is additionally burned through movement, meaning the more active you are, the higher your active metabolic rate will be. Again, the more muscle mass, the more energy you will expend doing the same activities.

Decreasing energy consumption

Energy consumption is determined by food intake. If you wish to decrease your energy consumption, you need to adjust your eating habits. To achieve this, we support our customers in various ways.

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