Body Shaping – Shape your body – fast and effective

To gain the perfect body it is necessary to shape the body. Concerning this, the question is important: How does the body shape develop? The answer is: The most undesirable shape consists of fat, the desired shape develops through muscles. This means that it is not enough to lose fat. To gain a great shape, or even a top shape, it is important to build muscles.

The SPEEDtraining is first and foremost a muscle building training. For most people it is also in the first place about rebuilding the already lost muscles. From the age of 27 on all humans lose about 1% of their muscle mass as long as they don’t counteract it. This does not only have negative consequences concerning the shape but also the basal metabolic rate thus decreases and health consequences such as back troubles arise.

In connection with muscle trainings, especially women are afraid of quickly gaining the huge muscle bulks that bodybuilders have. There is no reason for such anxiety! For that, years and years of tough and intense workouts in combination with a corresponding diet are required.

Although muscle building or the tightening of muscles through the SPEEDtraining occurs considerably faster than through conventional workouts, especially women don’t have to be anxious about that. Women have neither the the hormonal (testosterone) nor the genetic preconditions to build up many muscles. With women, the result is a tightening of the muscles and body shaping.

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