The SPEED.FIT Terminal
One concept solving all issues

EMS training is widely known today and has established itself as its own way of training. It is well known that EMS training is effective, but also relatively expensive.

Our aim was to develop a concept solution which responds to the specific needs of incorporating an EMS concept in a fitness club. With the SPEED.FIT terminal, a club-in-club concept, EMS training can now be offered at a discounted price.

Moreover, this Terminal is affordable, comprising two SPEEDtrainers, all required electrodes in different sizes, a moistening station, and an electrode recognition system. The supervision expenditure is kept to a minimum as the training does not need to be supervised by a trainer one on one.

Quality made in Germany

The SPEED.FIT Terminal focuses on practical requirements, which determine design and functionality.

  • Representative and open design
  • Structured storage and organisation system for electrodes
  • Unique electrode moistening system
  • Individual allocation system for electrodes
  • Design based on the SPEED.FIT training concept
  • LED lighting system
All-in-One Concept
Sophisticated Design
Exceptional Reliability
Excellent Wear Resistance
Low Personnel Expenditure
More than 20 Years of Experience
An EMS concept in a fitness club?
How can SPEED.FIT be incorporated in my existing concept?

Thanks to 12 years of practical experience with more than 20,000 customers, we know the EMS-specific challenges well

  • Hardware
    The EMS station / training station should be representative and sturdy
    Electrodes / I need a professional storage and organisation system
  • Training organisation
    The procedures need to be smooth and customer-oriented
  • Moistening of the electrodes
    Can be done by the customer – no moisture on the floor
  • Water connection
    Needs to work without water and drain connection
  • Installation
    The training station needs to be able to be built quickly and easily
    No reconstruction should be required
  • Training supervision
    The customer should be supervised professionally but time-efficiently
  • Attaching and removing the electrodes
    No personnel expenditure – can be done by the customer
  • Scheduling
    Important to avoid waiting times and to make optimal use of the system
  • Training support measures
    Ensure success by reaching the customer’s goals
  • Advertising activities
    Break-even already at launch
Patented Technology
Excellent Wear Resistance
Optimal Cost-effectiveness
Made in Germany
The SPEED.FIT Success Concept
Success is calculable

To successfully work with the SPEED.FIT Terminal in the long term, a concept is required. This is why the SPEED.FIT Terminal comes with an operating concept consisting of three parts. This operating concept has been developed in 10 years and has been put into practice in several locations.

1. The Operating Concept
How do I implement the SPEED.FIT concept?
  • Operating procedures
  • Online scheduling
  • Consistent statements about training and nutrition
  • Presentations for customer communications
2. The Marketing Concept
How do I advertise the SPEED.FIT Terminal?
  • Separate location page on the SPEED.FIT website
  • Online marketing
  • Print media
3. The Success Concept
How do I help SPEED.FIT customers to reach their goals?
  • Tested in practice for 10 years
  • Success check software
  • Follow-up system
  • Training system
Low Cost – High Profit!

Revenue with 100 customers?

(50% utilisation of the Terminal)

4.242,30 €

Profit with 100 customers?

(50% utilisation of the Terminal)

3.692,50 €