SPEEDtrainer 1.1

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The new SPEEDtrainer 1.0 is the ultimate EMS whole body training device. With the SPEEDtrainer, you can train all the muscles of your body intensely and simultaneously – in just ten to 15 minutes. With your own SPEEDtrainer, you can carry out this efficient whole body workout anywhere, anytime. Thanks to the patented electrode technology on carbon basis, muscles are targeted more evenly and on a larger scale. This results in an improved training effect and a more pleasant training feel. The SPEEDtrainer system has been newly developed. It is based on more than 20 years of development experience and more than 10 years practical experience with EMS systems.

  • Sophisticated design and robust aluminium casing
  • High mobility thanks to compact design and battery power
  • Intuitive and simple operation with the central controller
  • Best value of all EMS whole body training devices on the market
  • Transfer of electric pulses to the body with only six pairs of electrodes
  • The intensity of every area can be individually adjusted
  • The maximum output can be pre-set in three training levels
  • Safety thanks to the limitation of the intensity increase per time unit
  • Possibility of programme interruption and continuation
  • Training duration can be individually pre-set
  • Connection between electrodes and SPEEDtrainer via a simple plug-in connection

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Transport case

Technische Daten

Gehäuse: Aluminium eloxiert
Gewicht: 3,5 kg
Abmessungen: 260 mm x 200 mm x 66 mm
Display: 5‘‘ TFT- 800 x 400 Pixel
Farbvarianten: schwarz, rot, anthrazit
Programme: 10 (7 Muskelaufbau, 2 Herz-Kreislauf, 1 Massage)
Bedienkonzept: Zentralregler
Spannungsversorgung: Lithium-Ionen-Akku 16,8V
Effektivstromstärke (RMSA): 34mA
Effektivspannung (RMSV): 12,8V
Schutzgrad: IP52
Menüsprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Russisch


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